Contribution tool

Within the DARIAH research infrastructure the need to collect, disseminate and monitor the contributions offered to the infrastructure has always been present. Work package 5 of the DARIAH Humanities at Scale (HaS) project has explored and described the activities and structure required to sustain these needs, resulting in the DARIAH contributions concept and procedure including a supporting online tool.


The contributions to the DARIAH infrastructure consist either of services, being repeatable actions, or activities, which have a more unique/ oneBtime character. They are collected for several reasons. First of all, dissemination to the Arts & Humanities (A&H) community; contributions offered to the infrastructure need to be visible to the users within the community, so they can be found and used. Secondly the compatibility of the contributions to the infrastructure; how compatible are the contributions to the infrastructure, how easily can they be (re)used and/or combined with other services and last but not least monitoring of the variety and maturity of contributions as it is essential for the strategic planning and future development of the infrastructure.


The Contribution tool implements a registry of contributions with supports a workflow of (self)-assessing and reviewing contributions.

The specifications of the contribution data and the workflow steps can be found in this report.