OpenMethods: Highlighting Digital Humanities Methods and Tools is a new DARIAH initiative created by the Humanities at Scale project in cooperation with OPERAS.

The OpenMethods platform highlights curated content about Digital Humanities Methods and Tools, an important area currently underrepresented in the DH peer-reviewed literature especially, but not exclusively, from a European perspective.

With digital methods and tools becoming more and more part of the daily research routines of humanities scholars, practical reflections, descriptions of scientific breakthroughs accelerated by DH techniques and theoretical reflections play an emerging role in scholarly communication. Knowledge and critical discussion of digital methods and tools is much needed to prove the value, chances and challenges of “the humanities computing”.

With the enormous amount of material available online, from blog posts, articles, expert reports, etc., we strongly feel the need to highlight and promote especially valuable multilingual and multidisciplinary Open Access content in the field of Digital Humanities Methods and Tools on one dedicated platform. OpenMethods answers to this need using an innovative “metablog approach”.

The OpenMethods “metablog approach” entails that experts as members of the “OpenMethods” Editorial Team will select already published content proposed by Community Volunteers and materials of their choice to be highlighted on the OpenMethods metablog. Topics of interest are descriptions of methods and tools, tool and methods critique, as well as practical and theoretical reflections about how and why humanities research is conducted digital and how the increasing influence of digital methods and tools changes scholarly attitudes and scientific practices of humanities research.

Editors select, curate and categorize the content proposed by the Community Volunteers using the TaDiRAH Taxonomy as well as conduct a quality check in order to make it more easy to identify interesting high quality resources on Digital methods and tools within the “OpenMethods” metablog. Collecting and curating information about scholarly practices, methods and tools employed in the Digital Humanities contributes to the transfer of knowledge and accelerates the empowerment of the research community.

OpenMethods metablog uses the PressForward curation tool on top of WordPress. PressForward has been developed by the Center for History and New Media for DHNow and is used by many DH projects.