Work packages

The tasks in Humanities at Scale (HaS) are done by work packages. The following gives an overview of their activities and people responsible for the work carried out in those work packages.

Work package 1 “Management”
Work Package 1 oversees the management of Humanities at Scale. View more

Work package 2 “Dissemination and Innovation”
Work Package 2 is responsible for project communication and setting up an innovation as well as an ethic board. View more

Work package 3 “Growing DARIAH”
Work Package 3 will further expand DARIAH and cover especially those kinds of countries that do not yet have a relationship with digital arts and humanities. View more

Work package 4 “Training and Education”
Work Package 4 complements and expands existing training and outreach activities of DARIAH. View more

Work package 5 “Integrating and Scaling National DARIAH Contributions”
Work Package 5 will establish a DARIAH-space (online tool), to assess, evaluate and visualise national DARIAH in-kind contributions. View more

Work package 6 “Supporting the Lifecycle of Digital Humanities Basic Services”
Work Package 6 will enhance the DARIAH infrastructure by focussing on central services that are easy to use and able to support future research projects in the humanities. This includes development, hosting, and collaboration services (e.g. Git, Etherpad, etc.).. View more

Work package 7 “Open Data Infrastructure”
Work Package 7 will develop an open data platform for European researchers in the arts and humanities. View more

Work package 8 “Open Methods Infrastructure”
Instead of centralising a registry resource work package 8 will develop a range of tools and services to embed the methods’ descriptions directly in the project (websites) that have developed them and final insert them in traditional forms of publications in the humanities in order to achieve better recognition by peers. View more