Appointment of DARIAH Ambassadors

In the framework of the Horizon 2020 funded project Humanities at Scale, an Ambassadors Network have been created for raising awareness of and participation in DARIAH across the emerging regions, marginal communities and new disciplines of what is current conceived of as the digital humanities. The programme address the need to involve community leaders, who can speak to and for their communities about DARIAH.

Successful applicants are the following:

Toma Tasovac (Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities)
Tihomir Zivic (University of Osijek)
Maija Paavolainen (University of Helsinki)
Brigitte Juanals (University of Aix-Marseille)
Emiliano degl’Innocenti (CNR)
Claire Clivaz (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)
Jelena Doslov (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, Gimnazija Banjaluka)

The selection committee decided for an innovative mixed-approach of “old and young” DARIAH researchers and experts.

Aim of the DARIAH Ambassador programme is to raise awareness about the DARIAH-ERIC, raising awareness of DARIAH and its activities beyond the boundaries of its existing geographical and disciplinary reach into networks and communities that could benefit from DARIAH”s support for the digital turn in humanities research. The aim, therefore, will not be promoting the DARIAH-ERIC to existing DARIAH users, but rather to build upon best practices established within the DARIAH-ERIC as a way to foster wider collaboration. Ambassadors may work both at National, regional or global level, liaising with existing projects, communities, scholarly networks, Research Infrastructures and other such existing convergence points for research activity.

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