DARIAH Ambassadors: Claire Clivaz

Claire Clivaz is Head of Digital Enhanced Learning at the SIB (Vital-DH projects@Vital-IT). She leads interdisciplinary projects at the crossroad of the New Testament and the Digital Humanities. For example, the project etalks, a multimedia digital editing tool (etalk.vital-it.ch), or a Swiss National Fund on a digital trilingual New Testament manuscript (humarec.org). She is member of a strategic partenariat Erasmus+ in DH with six other partner countries (dariah.eu/teach ; teach.dariah.eu) and of a H2020 research infrastructure project DESIR, lead by the ERIC DARIAH. She is a member of several scientific committees (ADHO steering committee, EADH steering committee, IGNTP, Humanistica, etc.) and editorial boards (NTS, Digital Religion de Gruyter, etc.). She is co-leading a series by Brill «Digital Biblical Studies», and research groups in DH (SBL, EABS).

Within the Ambassadors Network, Claire plans to divide her work into 4 actions:

1) DARIAH DIMPO workshop in Warsaw, 8-9 May 2017. The aim is to enlighten Swiss contribution to the project in the communication of the results. and prepare the next inquiry with the group.

2) DH Montreal. Participation at the DARIAH & CLARIN booth, DH2017 in Montreal.

3) 18-23 September 2017 in Krasnoyarsk (Russia). A presentation of DARIAH will be given in main lines , and in particular the DIMPO inquiry, in link with Russian colleagues, and the #dariahTeach platform, with a training time, as well as the DARIAH registry.

4) A workshop in Switzerland (autumn). A workshop at the University of Zürich, in partnership with the Zurich DARIAH representative Martin Volk and co-lead with Toma Tasovac, on the 18th December 2017. The main purpose of this event will be to present DARIAH to the participants and to make them discover the platform #dariahTeach».

5) University of Babes-Bolyai (28-29 November), Romania. The activities will be similar to those planned for the conference in Krasnoyarsk: an accent to promote the DIMPO inquiry in Romania, and the use of the #dariahTeach platform, as well as the impact of a fundamental research related to research infrastructure.

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