DARIAH Ambassadors: Claire Clivaz

Claire Clivaz is Head of Digital Enhanced Learning at the SIB (Vital-DH projects@Vital-IT). She leads interdisciplinary projects at the crossroad of the New Testament and the Digital Humanities. For example, the project etalks, a multimedia digital editing tool (etalk.vital-it.ch), or a Swiss National Fund on a digital trilingual New Testament manuscript (humarec.org). She is member of a strategic partenariat Erasmus+ in DH with six other partner countries (dariah.eu/teach ; teach.dariah.eu) and of a H2020 research infrastructure project DESIR, lead by the ERIC DARIAH. She is a member of several scientific committees (ADHO steering committee, EADH steering committee, IGNTP, Humanistica, etc.) and editorial boards (NTS, Digital Religion de Gruyter, etc.). She is co-leading a series by Brill «Digital Biblical Studies», and research groups in DH (SBL, EABS).

Within the Ambassadors Network, Claire plans to divide her work into 4 actions:

1) DARIAH DIMPO workshop in Warsaw, 8-9 May 2017. The aim is to enlighten Swiss contribution to the project in the communication of the results. and prepare the next inquiry with the group.

2) 18-23 September 2017 in Krasnoyarsk (Russia). A presentation of DARIAH will be given in main lines , and in particular the DIMPO inquiry, in link with Russian colleagues, and the #dariahTeach platform, with a training time, as well as the DARIAH registry.

3) A workshop in Switzerland (autumn): The main purpose of this event will be to present DARIAH to the participants and to make them discover the platform #dariahTeach.

4) University of Babes-Bolyai (28-29 November), Romania. The activities will be similar to those planned for the conference in Krasnoyarsk: an accent to promote the DIMPO inquiry in Romania, and the use of the #dariahTeach platform, as well as the impact of a fundamental research related to research infrastructure.

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