DARIAH Ambassadors: Maija Paavolainen

Maija Paavolainen is an information specialist from Helsinki University Library and works in close connection with HELDIG Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities. She is interested in the change of methods in humanities and the cultural heritage institutions digital collections as potential research data. She is taking part in curriculum planning for digital humanities in Helsinki University and speaks for “humanities data literacy” in libraries and GLAM organizations.

HELDIG is the important facilitator of cooperation of digital humanities and social sciences in Helsinki and as such it is an excellent starting point for presenting DARIAH networks, projects and tools. Finnish research libraries currently develop new practices for scholarly content management from data management planning to open publication and the development should be in line with the best European tools, standards and discussions. GLAM organizations everywhere need to become better aware of their digitized collections as resource for digital humanities computational methods and what opening and (re)using the collections as data entails from research perspective. A one-day workshop in Helsinki for researchers, relevant professionals from GLAM organizations and library research services in the region will raise awareness on the possibilities of DARIAH.

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