HaS workshop in Sarajevo

The workshop: “DARIAH-ERIC: The Development of a Sustainable Infrastructure for Scientific and Heritage Institutions” has been organized in Sarajevo on 5th of June 2017 as a cooperation between The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research- Zagreb and Academy of Music University of Sarajevo (BIH), in the framework of the Horizon 2020 funded project Humanities at Scale.

The workshop has been intended for humanistic scientific community and the staff from cultural institutions (archives, libraries, museums, etc.) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro, who are facing the challenges of shifting their activities to the digital/virtual sphere. The workshop showed that the development of a sustainable infrastructure for scientific and heritage Institutions is possible and inevitable nowadays in the scientific and cultural community. The main idea of the workshop was to invite representatives of the respective Ministries, deans, principals and representatives of relevant departments in scientific and cultural institutions in the countries which are not yet DARIAH-EU members. This task is related with D3.2 (Regional Support Networks).

The workshop introduced the participants from the non-DARIAH countries to the digital art and humanities field and DARIAH-ERIC consortium and provided them the information on how to organize their national consortia and on how to join DARIAH. The themes of digital humanities, Croatian national infrastructure, an example of one of DARIAH’s funded project and the beginning of digitization and development of digital humanities in BIH were presented. The topic of digital infrastructure has been explained and demonstrated through examples of some digital platforms and repositories. Finally, participants were given clear instructions on the ways in which they could be involved in co-operation or membership in DARIAH.

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